Welsh language: Our vision

As Wales’ national airport, the capital city airport and a gateway to the United Kingdom, Cardiff Airport takes real pride in its Welsh identity. Creating a working culture and a customer experience that reflects our commitment to Wales and the Welsh language is an integral part of our brand.  

We are proud to represent Wales and view the Welsh language as an opportunity to strengthen our business. Likewise, we recognise the intrinsic part we can play in actively supporting and promoting use of the Welsh language throughout the customer journey. 

Since coming under the ownership of Welsh Government in 2013, we have been on a journey of transformation focusing primarily on adding more routes, more capacity and increasing passenger numbers to ensure a sustainable airport business. This financial year - 2019/20 - sees a renewed emphasis on our team and our customers and the Welsh language will be incorporated into this overarching strategy at every possible touchpoint. The Airport is committed to providing a bilingual service to all customers, even those who can't speak the language but who are eager to see and hear Welsh, and to giving passengers the opportunity to communicate with the airport through the medium of English or Welsh. 

With the support of the Welsh Language Commissioner, this document sets out our current Welsh language provision and a set of realistic, achievable objectives that we will endeavour to achieve over the financial year 2019/20; whilst also focusing on our ambitious plans to deliver a thriving and sustainable airport business for Wales. 

If you would like to comment on the Welsh language services available at the Airport contact marketing@cwl.aero or call 01446 711111.

Download the Welsh Language Policy