Cardiff Airport Touchdown Programme

Cardiff Airport is committed to making a sustainable positive impact on the community in which it operates, underpinned by our corporate values.

We strive to make a positive contribution to our community as we understand the significance of having an airport in the region and impact that it can have on people’s lives. 

Our local community is hugely important to us, it's the area where our team and customers live, work and enjoy life, so we want to ensure we support the region and give back in as many ways as we can.

Through the Touchdown Programme we will establish effective, sustainable partnerships and plan activities that make the best use of the energies and skills of the whole Airport team.

The Cardiff Airport Touchdown Programme will focus on the following areas:

Charity support - we will select a ‘Charity Of The Year’ to benefit from a number of fundraising activities across the Airport

Cardiff Airport in the Community – a grant scheme with tiered levels of funding available, so organisations or groups of any size can apply for sponsorship or funding for local projects focussed on education and/or environmental impact

The Learning Programme – further developing our current, hugely successful educational visit scheme for schools, extra-curricular groups and other community clubs

Community Communication – ensuring we are talking to and listening to the community through a number of ways, including committees and events.

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