Escorted Visitor passes

Escorted visitor passes are for one off or infrequent visitors (such as, but not limited to, engineering, maintenance, work experience, school parties, absence cover or training visits). Escorted visitor passes are available 24/7 from the security lodge.

The escorted visitor pass allows the holder a maximum of 14 days at the airport in a calendar year. A maximum of 7 days can be taken consecutively before a break of 3 calendar days must be taken.

Anyone who uses an escorted visitor pass cannot apply for an escorted temporary or Full airside pass for the following 12 months.

All visitors who require airside access are asked to report to the security lodge upon arrival. Please ensure you bring an acceptable form of photo ID.

What is an acceptable identity document?

The approved documents with photographic identity are:

For British nationals: A valid full passport or British photo-card driving licence.

For EU/EEA and Swiss nationals: A valid full passport or National Identity Card.

For all other nationalities: For visitors/inspectors/auditors on ad-hoc visits only a Full Passport is required.  

Escorted Temporary passes

Escorted temporary passes are for those providing training or services over a number of weeks (including contractors and regional managers), seasonal employees or those waiting for a permanent airside pass. Escorted temporary passes are only issued from the ID Unit. For pass requirements and ID Unit operating hours please contact

Full Airside Passes

For full airside pass requirements please contact

Other security forms

Miscellaneous security forms including forms for employees can be downloaded by clicking on items from the list below:


ID2- Tools of the trade application form

ID3 - Application for an ID card

ID6 - Notification of lost or stolen ID card

ID7 - Gap reference

ID8 - Employment reference

ID11 - Education reference or verification of a personal qualification

ID12 - Self employment reference

IDU 15 - Company registration form

ID 16- Authorised signatory application

ID17 - Security ID card cancellation suspension report