Our Future Skies – Airspace Modernisation

What is Airspace change?

In 2017, the Department for Transport instructed the UK’s independent aviation regulator, the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) to develop a strategy to modernise the UK’s airspace.

The structure of the UK's airspace – the intricate network of routes that keep aircraft flying safely - has remained the same for decades, but like our roads and rail infrastructure on the ground, we need to keep our infrastructure in the sky up to date to keep people moving.

The CAA’s Airspace Modernisation Strategy was published in December 2018 and outlines the work that’s needed to modernise the UK’s airspace, and why. At Cardiff Airport, we fully support the objectives of this initiative, which include taking advantage of modern technology to make aircraft journeys quicker, quieter and cleaner.

Cardiff is one of 16 airports located within the southern part of the UK, known as Future Airspace Strategy Implementation (FASI) - South, progressing through a formal Airspace Change Proposal.  

Earlier this year, Cardiff Airport submitted its own Statement of Need which can be found on the CAA’s portal and sets out our intention to make airspace changes.