The development strategy for the Masterplan has been designed to be flexible enough to accommodate changes in passenger demand and carrier needs. The following principles set out a guide for expansion and improvement of the Airport that the Masterplan seeks to promote:

  1. A new ‘best in class’ terminal, focused on optimising the user experience and providing a distinctive welcome to be designed and orientated to allow interface with the Enterprise Zone and potential business and commercial developments;
  2. Replacement stands to be provided for a mix of aircraft, including contact and remote stands;
  3. A new cargo terminal;
  4. New dedicated road access to be provided for the terminal from the A4226, separating Airport traffic from other uses including the Enterprise Zone;
  5. Improvements to pedestrian and cycle access to and through the Airport site, including links to Rhoose and Barry;
  6. Future integration with the Metro with a safeguarded bus link as well as an improved, dedicated connection between the terminal and Rhoose Cardiff International Airport railway station, improving the transfer experience;
  7. Open space, public realm and landscaping improvements; and
  8. Safeguarded land for expansion.

Key features and design considerations include: 

International Gateway:

  • Deliver greater capacity to grow to three million passengers per annum and beyond
  • Attract new airlines, secure new routes and more choice for customers travelling to and from the region
  • Diversify the Airport business to create and develop opportunities for aviation, cargo, education, technology and innovation
  • Build upon our efficient, safe and secure 24/7 operation.

A Unique Place:

  • Create a public realm for the community to enjoy
  • Excite customers before they fly and those arriving to Wales, creating a sense of place and awareness of the Welsh culture
  • Link businesses across the Airport campus, supporting the region and Enterprise Zone
  • Support education with a place to learn and innovate.

New Terminal:

  • Enhance our unique identity as the gateway to Wales, creating a memorable first and last impression
  • Ensure ease of access for all
  • Enhance our customer experience with best in class facilities
  • Develop our ‘green’ credentials to meet our environmental and social commitments.

New 4* Hotel:

  • Develop the first on site hotel
  • Offer more choice in local accommodation for customers
  • Offer business meeting and conference facilities
  • Provide a convenient base for visitors to explore the region.

 New Transport Hub & Car Park:

  • Offer greater travel choice for customers, the community and the Airport team; car, bus, rail, taxi, car hire and active travel
  • Offer an improved integrated transport facility
  • Develop a new multi storey car park close to the terminal building
  • Offer new services to enhance the customer experience.

 Surface Access: Status:

M4 Severn Crossing toll removal: In progress                 

M4 Newport relief road: Proposed

M4 Pendoylan link road: Proposed

Five Mile Lane improvements: In progress

Great Western mainline improvement: In progress

South Wales Metro development: In progress

Rail frequency enhancements: Proposed

Express bus connectivity: In progress


Download our Masterplan brochure here