12 February

Air Passenger Duty

Debra Barber, Managing Director and Chief Operating Officer at Cardiff Airport, commented:

“Our priority is always to provide our customers and passengers with the best possible experience, a great choice of affordable routes from their local airport, and of course, to provide significant economic benefit to Wales.

We believe that neighbouring airports should work together and complement one another, growing and strengthening side by side for the greater good of a thriving aviation industry across the UK.

The population of the South West of England is well served by Newquay, Exeter, Southampton and Bristol airports. The people of Wales deserve a national Airport that attracts inbound tourism, serves the capital city and offers a great choice of routes at value for money prices. It should be convenient, without the need to travel significant distances.

APD is a punitive tax that only serves to hinder Cardiff Airport’s ability to continue on this journey of growth and we agree, therefore, that it should be scrapped at the earliest opportunity.”