Dropping off 

Drivers dropping off passengers can access the FREE DROP OFF ZONE. This is convenient located directly outside the terminal.

  • This facility is FREE for up to 10 minutes.
  • It costs £5 for every 10 minutes thereafter
  • Vehicles must not be left unattended. Vehicles left unattended may be removed

Picking up 

Up to 10 mins - £1.00
Up to 20 mins - £2.00
Up to 1 hour - £3.00
Up to 2 hours - £6.00
Up to 3 hours – £9.00
Up to 4 hours - £12.00
Up to 5 hours - £15.00

A special assistance vehicle is available for passengers with reduced mobility.

Drop off and Pick up in Long Stay 

A drop off and pick up area is also available in Long Stay. The first 20 minutes are FREE. There is also a special assistance vehicle available for passengers with reduced mobility. 

ATTENTION: Please do not pick up or drop off passengers on the approach roads as this creates traffic congestion, health and safety hazards and increases the walking time to the terminal.