Connectivity and accessibility

Cardiff Airport offers international access to Wales and is a key gateway to the UK. Significant investment is needed to improve access to the Airport as well as improve the operation and infrastructure in order to maximise its role and potential opportunities for the Cardiff Capital Region and beyond.

In particular, surface access to the Airport has frequently been cited during Welsh Government consultations as a problem and there is a desire to consider options for improving connectivity to and from the Airport. Plans for Five Mile Lane and Pendoylan Link Road schemes seek to help address that identified problem as part of a wider focus on improvements to connectivity within the Vale of Glamorgan and beyond.

As part of the development of the Cardiff Capital Region and corresponding City Deal, there is a strong political will to improve transport connectivity across South-East Wales, safeguarding and enhancing employment and investment opportunities to help retain and attract a skilled population. It is envisaged that investment at and around the Airport will help ensure that the Cardiff Capital Region is better connected, more attractive and competitive as a result.

Improvements to transport connectivity within the region are already planned and development at Cardiff Airport will help to maximise those initiatives and respond to their opportunities and challenges. For example, electrification of the Great Western Mainline Railway, the Metro, M4 Relief Road around Newport Scheme and removal of the tolls on the Severn Bridges will greatly assist in supporting the economic competitiveness of Wales and serve a prosperous and well-connected economy and society.


 Customer / passenger experience

By better understanding the way you access and use our Airport, we can better plan our proposals.

It is important to our long-term success that people want to work at, visit and use our Airport. We want to create a place that is attractive, functional and flexible. It is vital that our buildings and infrastructure operate in the best possible way to accommodate your different needs.

We want to make the Airport as easy as possible to access, navigate and enjoy. As part of our proposals, we intend for a new and modern terminal to be integrated with different and sustainable transport choices. Our proposed Masterplan seeks to establish different spaces for complementary land uses, aiming to maximise connectivity, movement, value and user experience.



Thinking long term, the existing Airport is in need of modernisation.

In order to integrate the latest technology for aviation, passengers and other users, we need to invest in a new fit-for-purpose Airport.

We are proposing a new and modern terminal, cargo facility and sustainable low carbon transport infrastructure.

Those elements will help us better provide the required technology upgrades to help us operate more efficiently.

We will then also be in a better place to plan for future technological advances in aviation, transport and customer service.