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Venice is everything you’ve heard and more. This extraordinary city rises magnificently from water, as canals replace streets and visitors float along the Grand Canal appreciating its array of sights. It is claimed that Venice’s population doubles each day when tourists descend on its glistening waters, so it comes as no surprise that Venice is bursting with cultural treats.

The city is made up of 117 islands which are connected by bridges and canals, hence the unforgettable image of travellers exploring Venice via gondola. The canals are lined with churches and architecture that each tell a story. The city’s history then reaches its climax at Saint Mark’s Basilica which epitomises Renaissance architecture.

Venice is undoubtedly visually stunning and whether it is experienced with scorching Italian sunshine or cooler mistier climes, travellers will always see its beauty. 

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  1. Try Venetian Rowing. If you want to try something different in Venice, and don’t fancy paying for a gondola ride, Venetian Rowing is a great option. You can have a 90-minute lesson which teaches you how to row properly on Venice’s canals.
  2. Taste the sea. As Venice has a lot of water, it comes as no surprise that the city excels at seafood. Wander along the canal and spend an evening in one of the bistros sampling the seafood with a glass of crisp prosecco.
  3. Go to church. Explore San Polo, one of the oldest parts of Venice, and home to an array of exquisite churches. Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari is definitely worth the visit.
  4. Experience carnival. The annual Carnival of Vernice or Carnevale di Venezia is normally held in February and attracts visitors for its mysterious celebrations. Masks are a big part of the festival and if you aren’t in the city during the carnival, visit a mask shop to see the intricate designs.
  5. Climb the tower. If you want to see the city in all its glory, take a trip up the Campanile Bell Tower of Saint Mark. This is situated in the Piazza San Marco and costs around 8 euros per person.

Venice is a fantastic place and absolutely beautiful- a must-visit!

By Claire Pavey

Try to see a concert in a church or somewhere with similar acoustics as the music is beautiful.

By Jerry O'Brien

Stay on Venice lido and catch the water taxi to Venice as accommodation is much cheaper.

By Emma Townsend

Make sure to cross the Rialto Bridge! Mardi Gras in Venice is amazing, as the mists and the masks with the narrow streets create a great atmosphere.

By Jerry O'Brien

Take a gondola ride of course! We spent a bit more and went at dusk which was great because we saw Venice both in the day and as it went dark.

By Emma Townsend

Have an Aperol spritz- all the locals drink them and it is very refreshing!

By Emma Townsend
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