Palma de Mallorca An idyllic sunshine escape

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Palma is the capital of the island of Majorca, and offers a tranquil escape for travellers. If you are looking for a family holiday or a romantic getaway as a couple, Palma will tick all the boxes.

This sun-soaked destination offers a marina equipped with a beautiful palm-tree promenade, streets full of fascinating architecture and an abundance of art galleries. Palma certainly delivers a wonderful cultural experience.

Equally, if you are looking to just relax, Palma happily accommodates with miles of beaches along the southern shores. This destination will adapt to fit your perfect holiday.

  1. Find the cathedral. If you are holidaying in Palma you won’t want to miss its stunning gothic cathedral, which is built on the site of a mosque and is known as La Seu Cathedral.
  2. Enjoy the nightlife. A night out in Palma is a must, so head for Santa Catalina which has plenty of bars, cafes and restaurants. It’ll be so much fun you might even see the sunrise!
  3. Indulge in some shopping! If you visit Santa Catalina in the day it is a great place to browse a variety of shops and fashion boutiques.
  4. Visit Bellver Castle! This castle is one of the few circular castles in Europe and is enriched with Majorca’s history. It has a gothic style and was built in the 14th century, a must-see for someone who wants learn more about Palma’s heritage.
  5. Take a guided tour. As there is so much to see in Palma it is a good idea to book a place on a walking tour. You will then discover all of Palma’s best kept secrets.


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