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London is a city with unstoppable charisma. It has the rare ability of embracing the new and the old so that the city is an exciting mix of tradition and avant-garde.  Whether visitors are exploring the Tower of London or taking in the breath-taking view from the top of the Shard, they can travel seamlessly through London’s past and present.

Upon arriving at London City, travellers are immediately immersed into London life. Access in and around London is easy, as the public transport links are well rehearsed to deal with the millions that descend onto its streets every day. For those visiting London for business head to Canary Wharf, a major district that quite literally means business. Equally, if business is on hold for the day, London is happy to oblige with a whole host of pleasurable activities.

Once travellers become immersed in the pace of London, a visit becomes a whirlwind of opportunities.

  1. Experience park life. London is as much known for its greenery as it is its urban landscape. You will be spoilt for choice with the variety of parks in London, so find time to sit in a park and soak up the atmosphere- even if it’s just on your lunchbreak!
  2. Visit the museums. There are an array of museums in London and many of them have free admission. The Victoria and Albert Museum is a great place to start, as its size means you can easily spend a day immersed in its artefacts.
  3. Go for a walk. With the bustling nature of London it is easy to be swept along without actually stopping and seeing the city. Instead, take a break from public transport and walk along the South Bank as you can see everything from the Houses of Parliament to the Tate Modern.
  4. See a show. The West End is famous for its shows so definitely see one in during your stay. You will be spoilt for choice as there is an array of world-class musicals and plays to see. For cheap tickets, turn up in the morning and find a West End ticket office for last minute seats.
  5. Wave at royalty. Buckingham Place is just one of London’s iconic buildings, but it is one that is very special to the city’s heritage. Take an afternoon to explore Buckingham Palace and see if you are lucky enough to watch the Changing of the Guard.

The Mondrian Hotel is great to stay in and it has been transformed from a 1970s office block.

By Gethin Nadin

If you like art, stay in the Exhibitionist Hotel as this has lots of art installations that are really cool!

By Gethin Nadin

If you want to go shopping but find Oxford Street too busy, I would recommend Carnaby Street as this has lots of quirky shops and provides a more peaceful shopping experience.

By Lucinda Reid
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