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The Algarve is situated on the southern region of mainland Portugal and is a popular tourist destination for those seeking sun, sea and surf. The beaches are picture postcard perfect with golden sands and sparking seas nestled underneath an epic coastline.

The landscape is just the beginning of the Algarve as you will soon discover its range of activities, from a championship golf course to diving opportunities and a vibrant nightlife. Algarve’s capital Faro is also a hidden gem as many tourists skip its hospitality for the resorts on the outskirts.

Consequently Faro is unspoilt and contains a rich history and culture waiting for you to explore. The city is compact and easy to walk around, making it the perfect place for those eager for a city break before heading to Algarve’s beaches.

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  1. Shop till you drop. If you are looking for an activity away from the beach head for the pedestrianised street of Rua de Santo Antonio in Faro, where you will find a range of boutiques that will satisfy any shopaholic. 
  2.  Treat yourself. The Algarve serves up some delicious traditional cuisine whether you fancy dining with the locals in snack bars or splurging on a Michelin-starred restaurant, the Algarve has it covered.
  3. Observe the wildlife. Ria Formosa Natural Park is a nature reserve that holds a variety of birds, endangered species and beautiful wild flowers. You can either have a guided walk, bike ride or boat trip to explore the area.
  4.  Practise your putting. There are over 30 golf courses in the Algarve so you will be spoilt for choice if you enjoy this sport.
  5. Explore Old Town. Before you head to the airport make sure you leave some time to visit the Old Town of Faro to discover its Cathedral and its other historical points of interest.



Go for a walk around the old town within the medieval walls- Beautiful architecture and family-run cafes!

By Ceri Bower

Columbus Cocktail & Wine Bar serves the best Sangria in town!

By Ceri Bower

Catch a ferry to the island beach ‘Ilha Deserta’ for a beautiful and chilled day in the sunshine.

By Ceri Bower
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