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Dubai is a fairly new tourist destination and offers a futuristic experience. It is a world of luxuries with the tallest, biggest and most dramatic attractions. The skyline is magnificent and you will be able to marvel at their innovative architecture and avant-garde ideas.

This one time fishing village has been transformed with its seven star hotels and luxury shopping malls. Spend your days relaxing on the white sandy beaches, riding the dunes or haggling in the traditional souks. Then cool down in the evening with a delicious meal in one of Dubai’s Michelin star restaurants so that you are refreshed for your next day of discovery!

Dubai is the perfect destination if you are searching for a hot holiday with lots to do!

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  1. Discover the real Dubai. Before its modern makeover Dubai was a fishing village and this can still be seen in The Bastakia Quarter, which is a great place to explore.
  2. Enjoy a day at the beach. Dubai is famous for its beautiful beaches so spend a day relaxing and soaking up the sun.
  3. Ride the dunes. This is definitely for those that love an adventure! Book a place on a tour and get a thrill riding through the desert on a jeep.
  4. Visit the Burj Khalifa. This dominates Dubai’s skyline so enjoy the view from the 124th floor and don’t forget to you book before you go!
  5. Try some watersports. If you are looking for something different, try some of the watersports on offer at the beach or head outside Dubai for some world-class diving on the East Coast Emirate of Fujairah.

Go and see the Burj Khalifa, and the dancing fountains! We ate in an amazing Thai restaurant called thriptara which is inside the palace hotel that overlooks the waterfalls!

By Sarah Freeman

Don't go during Ramadan! Everywhere closes during the day and you can't buy food or drink anywhere. Do take a wander around the Old Town and the markets. The river buses are great, really cheap and quick. The city bus tour is good as it takes you everywhere relatively cheaply, there is commentary, it's air conditioned (it was 40 degrees when I was there) and you can hop on and off where you want

By Sophie Tidy

Helicopter ride over Dubai is amazing – you even get to see The World (islands shaped in the map of the world) from the sky.

By Sara Jones
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