Corfu Greece’s luscious island

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Corfu is an island that is equally as rich in nightlife as it is in history, and was one of the first Greek islands to fully embrace tourism. Consequently the island warmly welcomes tourists to its shores every year and goes above and beyond to satisfy their visitor’s needs.

Impressive resorts with sandy beaches and exquisite restaurants sprawl through the island, alongside quaint fishing villages and Corfu Old Town’s Venetian style. This means that Corfu can be considered as a beach holiday and cultural break as it ticks all the right boxes!

The weather also makes Corfu unique, as its rainy winters mean that the long hot summers are complimented by lush vegetation and olive groves.

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  1. Practise your putting. If you are a keen golfer, then visit Corfu Golf Club which is 14km from Corfu Town and was designed to incorporate the beauty of the valleys nearby.
  2. Dip your toes in the sand. You can’t visit Corfu without enjoying one of their many beaches, so make sure you head to a beach near your resort. If you are looking for a really sandy beach go to the West side of the island or the East for calmer seas.
  3. Go for a walk. Corfu is great for walking and the island encourages exploring as there is a footpath that covers the entire length of the island. The route is 22km and is well signposted for those seeking an adventure.
  4. Go shopping. Similar to other popular tourist destinations, Corfu has many treats to take home. Keep your eyes peeled for olive wood and leather goods as these are a speciality.
  5. Drink some gingerbeer. Corfu has strong links with Britain so you will find British references on the island, including gingerbeer. The Greek version tastes slightly different and is particularly enjoyed by the locals.

Eat lots of feta cheese- Most restaurants will have a dish of warmed feta cheese with herbs and onions and this is delicious.

By Claire Swindell

If you have the opportunity to attend a traditional ‘Greek Night’, there will definitely be some plate smashing and dancing!

By Claire Swindell

If you are looking for a different way to explore then a lot of people hire scooters!

By Claire Swindell
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