Chambéry Gateway to the Alps

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Chambéry is nestled in a picturesque valley that boasts epic views of the French Alps. For those looking for a ski holiday this location is ideal, as Chambéry has access to the largest skiable area in Europe.

It excels as a snow-capped adventure destination, but the 360 degree views of the Alps can also be enjoyed without sliding down the slopes. Look out for Lac du Bourget, the largest lake in France, as this is the perfect place to enjoy an idyllic swim beneath the mountains. Travellers are also encouraged to explore the compact old town of Chambéry, where they will be able to marvel at beautiful architecture dating back to the 14th century.

Whether visitors choose Chambéry for an adrenaline rush or a cultural break, this destination has a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’ that keeps tourists returning every year.

  1. Take your camera. Aside from the panoramic views of the Alps there are many photo opportunities in Chambéry, especially if you are wandering through the streets. Look out for the intersection between Rue de Boigne and St-Leger to capture a spectacular photo.
  2. Hire a car. If you want to explore the areas around Chambéry then a car is a great way to travel. Lac du Bourget is only a 20 minute drive from Chambéry and is a wonderful place to spend a leisurely day.
  3. Visit the vineyards. For those that like fine wines, in the south there are lots of vineyards to discover. These are easy to reach and there is even a cycle lane to some vineyards, if you fancy a bike ride.
  4. Go to market. If you are in Chambéry on a Saturday then make sure that you visit the public market, as you will find local produce from the Alps, including cheese and meat.
  5. Spot the Elephants. Chambéry is home to four beautiful elephants, but before you head for a zoo, they are actually made out of stone. Visit La Fontaine des Elephants, which was built in 1839 for the Earl of Boigne.


Have a cheese feast and eat fondue, tartiflette and raclette!

By Nadine Carpenter

Watch weddings on a Sunday at the main church in Chambéry as anyone can walk in!

By Nadine Carpenter
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