Security information

Security scanners

For information on our new security scanner and how to use it please download the leaflet below:

- Download security scanner information leaflet

Hand baggage

Passengers are advised that the restriction previously imposed limiting hand baggage to one item per person no longer applies at Cardiff Airport however airlines apply their own operational policies regarding the number of items which may be taken into the aircraft cabin, therefore, we strongly advise you to check with your airline or handling agent before travelling.

Hand baggage sizes differ between airlines so please check with your airline but, as a guide, the maximum restrictions in place at Cardiff Airport for each individual piece of hand luggage are:

  • 56 centimetres long
  • 45 centimetres high
  • 25 centimetres deep

In addition, each passenger is permitted to carry through one musical instrument in its case, but no items other than the musical instrument and its accessories can be carried within the case.

When going through security all laptops and other electrical items must be removed from the hand luggage and placed in a tray and pushchairs and walking aids will also need to be X-ray screened. Wheelchairs will also need to be thoroughly searched.

Specific information on items which are and are not allowed to be taken on to the aircraft as hand luggage can be found on the Hand luggage restrictions page.


We highly recommend that passengers pack liquids (including gels, pastes, lotions, liquid solid mixtures and pressurized containers) into checked-in baggage, as there are strict rules in place about taking them through security.

If carrying liquids is unavoidable, you are limited to no more than 10 x 100ml containers placed in a transparent, re-sealable plastic bag (see illustration) which can be shown separately from your bag at security.

The only exceptions are essential medication for your flight, supported by a Doctor's letter and baby food and milk.

Cardiff Airport encourages all passengers preparing for travel to supply and ultimately re-cycle their own bags. Re-sealable plastic bags meeting the Government's criteria are available from a variety of commercial sources and should be acquired before arriving at the airport.

For those still requiring a transparent, re-sealable plastic bag at the airport these can be supplied at the security search area.

- Download EU standard information guidance leaflet

Checked-in luggage

The usual baggage allowance on scheduled and charter flights may vary, depending on the airline operator. Please check with your travel agent or airline prior to travelling.

Outsize or unusual items of baggage must be notified to the airline, handling agent or travel agent well in advance of departure. It is also advisable to allow more time when checking in.

Click here for a list of articles that are not allowed in any baggage.

Travelling with children

Baby milk and baby food are considered to be essential items and therefore you will be able to carry the milk in bottles containing more than100ml in your hand luggage if necessary.

You may pack jars of food and prepared cartons of sealed formula milk in your hold luggage.

Nappies and wet wipes are permitted but any creams, pastes, lotions or gels must be of no more than 100ml maximum placed in a 1 Litre re-sealable clear plastic bag as per the restrictions on liquids.

A pushchair or buggy may be taken through security search. You will be asked to remove your baby for a few minutes as the buggy will need to go through the x-ray machine separately.

Passengers with restricted mobility

Assistance is available through security on request via the special assistance desk. 

Private rooms are available if a security search is required.

Other Security Advice
  • Never leave baggage or personal items unattended at any time as they will be removed and may be destroyed. Any unattended items should be reported to a member of staff
  • Always use your own bag and pack it yourself
  • Always answer all questions about your baggage at check in. This procedure is taken very seriously and is for your own safety. Any jovial remark could result in you not being allowed on your flight. It is a criminal offence to give false details
  • Never check bags in for other people
  • Never carry anything onto an aircraft for somebody else
  • Your name and home address should be inside your baggage with your name and destination details outside
  • Keep money, jewellery, cameras and all other valuables with you- don't check them in with your hold luggage
  • Carry travellers' cheques and credit cards rather than large amounts of cash