Your security journey

Every customer passing through the Airport is required to go through our security processes. All baggage that is carried in the aircraft hold is screened by x-ray machines.  Some items are forbidden in hold baggage – a full list is available by downloading the list of restricted items.

When you arrive at the security search area, you will asked to produce your boarding card – this can be an e-boarding on your airline’s app or a paper boarding card.

At the preparation area, you will be asked to remove everything from your pockets and remove your belt. If you are wearing a fleece, jacket, thick sweater or coat you will be asked to remove this and place it in a tray.  You may also be asked to remove footwear. All boots must be removed. Some items are forbidden in hand luggage– a full list is available here

Food or powders (excluding liquids, gels or pastes) should be packed into hold baggage where possible. Although these items are permitted in hand luggage, they can obstruct images on the x-ray machine, or may need additional checks: if you need to take these on board please allow extra time at security. 

If you are travelling with a baby buggy it will need to be folded and screened through the x-ray machine. Musical instruments are also subject to screening. 

All of these items should be placed in a tray, together with your correctly packed liquids and any large electrical items e.g. laptops, tablet devices and e-reading devices. Sharp items or tools may not be taken in hand luggage. 

Customers will be asked to pass through a walk-through metal detector or the security scanner. If you have a pacemaker – please let us know before going through any scanning equipment.

If you have a medical condition or a disability please contact us in advance if you have any questions: We have a dedicated Assistance Team who will be happy to help. For further information you can also refer to the CAA's Medical Awareness Card here.


As part of the security process, you may be subject to other searches which will be performed by a member of the team, either by hand, handheld metal detector or explosive trace detection equipment. Once this is complete you will be able to collect your luggage.

All items of luggage are screened by x-ray, however we do carry out random checks which may include hand searching, explosive trace detection swabbing and testing of certain liquids, gels or pastes.

These processes are carried out in accordance with EU and UK legislation.

Security areas can be very daunting for some of our customers – and we are happy to explain the processes in advance so that you can be best prepared – this is particularly important if you are travelling with young children or those persons that need a little more help or simply more time. 

If you are travelling with a guide dog – you should contact your airline in the first instance.

For more information on security and special assistance please visit our dedicated page.